Windows 10 Spring Update

Microsoft is ready to release their Windows 10 Spring Update. Originally labeled as the “Spring Creators Update” Microsoft has updated the code name to “Redstone 4”. This major update will be released Monday April 30, 2018.




This update will bring a few new features. Most notably the “Timeline” feature which was originally slated to launch with the past fall creators update. Timeline will expand on the “Task View” mode for Windows 10.  You can access the Task View by pressing the windows key + Tab.  When you do this, you will see past activities from your currently open application.

This feature will make it easier to pick up where you left off on certain tasks. These will also sync to all your devices so you can resume on a different PC.

-Nearby Sharing-

Windows 10 will now also have a feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop.  If you have Bluetooth enabled on your PC you can click on the “Share” button. From there you’ll be able to see nearby devices if they have the feature turned on too.  All you need to do is click the device you wish to share the content with.  This feature only works with apps with “Share” functionality. At launch you’ll be able to share photos, website links in Microsoft Edge, and files from your PC.

-Bluetooth Pairing-

Redstone 4 will also bring an improvement to Bluetooth device pairing. This update will feature a “quick pairing” setting that will make it easier to pair Bluetooth devices with your PC. Just place your device in pairing mode and set it next to your PC. You’ll get a pop-up notification asking if you’d like to pair the device.  At launch it will only work with the Surface Precision Mouse, however it is a feature that many developers will be able to add to their devices in the future.

Faster updates-

While this may seem like a joke Microsoft seems to be taking this seriously.  This update will improve the speed of updates in the future. More of the updating process is done in the background while you work. This should reduce the amount of time your computer needs to install the update. Microsoft says during testing that the average time your computer spends down “updating” while you cannot use it went from 82 minutes to 30 minutes.


This update also comes with many other improvements such as: improved security, bug fixes, and more features addressing privacy concerns regarding Windows 10. This update will allow you to see the actual data Windows 10 sends to Microsoft and will also allow you to check out what data Microsoft stores about your specific hardware device. If you want a much more detailed run down of all the features check out this guide at HowToGeek.

These updates all appear to bring great quality of life improvements to Windows 10.  We’ll have to play around with some of the bigger features such as Timeline before we can call it a worthy addition to the operating system.  The increased transparency is a good step forward in re-building trust with the customers who felt Windows 10 was too invasive.  We’re looking forward to the reduction of updating time. Hopefully this fix turns out to be completely true and we can rejoice with less down time.

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