Kaspersky: US Government Bans the Use of it

The Department of Homeland Security has officially banned the use of Kaspersky security software on PC’s owned by the government.

The ban comes after recent accusations that the cyber security company has secret ties to the Russian government.  The FBI has interviewed several US based employees of the company and the Senate held meetings on the issue.

For now, the investigation has been completed.  Government computers with Kaspersky security installed have 90 days to remove the program and find a new security program.  The cyber security company has the opportunity to appeal the decision, however it is unlikely to have any effect.  You can read the full Department of Homeland Security release here.

The FBI has also been in touch with the Private Sector in the US. They are suggesting that all companies move away from Kaspersky as a security software.  Best Buy has even removed all Kaspersky products from their shelves as of last week.

With the recent tensions between Russia and the US it’s no surprise that the government would be cautious with software developed and managed in Russia.  The Russian Government has come out in support of Kaspersky and has passed a law favoring Russian software over foreign software.

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