This week in Malware

Sonic Breach

So much malware, so little time.  It feels like every week there is a news story on yet another large corporation informing us of a data breach.

Well this week we add Sonic, America’s drive-in, to the list.  The breach was just discovered this week so much of the information isn’t complete. What we do know, is that Sonic has admitted the breach and is providing information on how customers can enroll in 24 months of free fraud detection and identity protection.

Even though Sonic has acknowledged the breach, they still aren’t aware of exactly how many locations and customers have been affected.  The hack was discovered when leading malware researchers discovered a plethora or credit card information for sale on popular hacker websites.  It is believed that the hackers used Sonic’s Point of Sale systems to gain access to the information.

Maybe it’s time to start paying in cash.


Yahoo…where should we start.

Back in 2013 Yahoo had a security breach that they thought affected only one billion of their accounts.  The breach was only recently discovered in 2016 and further research has revealed that the breach affected ALL of Yahoo’s user accounts.

There is still a lot of unknowns with this breach, but what we do know is that hackers gained access to names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, passwords, and security questions/answers.  This is why it’s a good idea to make strong unique passwords for each site you visit.

If that wasn’t enough, another breach was discovered that took place in 2014.  This breach exposed details of 500 million users.  Looks like Yahoo’s security department will be busy for some time.

Legal Battles

Some good news finally.  The US has won four major legal battles in Latvia, Spain, and Greece.  These court cases were to determine extradition for Russian nationals accused in several cyber-crime related activities.  The hackers were visiting these other countries and were arrested during their stay there. Now all of the suspects look to be heading to the US to stand trial.

All of the suspects will appeal their extradition to the US.