Managed IT Services

Traditionally there were no managed it services, consumers and Small Business owners had troubles finding support for their IT infrastructure. When a small business or consumer would find a business that they liked, they would have to rely on that business to be available for them when they were in a time of need. This was not a good way of doing business. If you were a business owner and your IT equipment would go down or break, you would frantically call your IT guy. Hours later if at all the same day, your IT guy would show up and start hammering away at your issues. Hours after arriving, your IT guy finds and solves the problem. Fortunately your IT guy solved your problem in the same day it happened, but didnt your just lose a day of being productive and getting stuff to work.

Managed IT Services is our solution to having days of downtime. Through managed services your IT guy get s the opportunity to listen to your network and IT equipment. He gets to managed when software updates and when virus scans scan. The goal isn’t to fix problems fast, but to eliminate problems from happening all together. By being able to manage your network and how IT equipment is being updated and when things scan, we can have better control over how they behave.

Bellow are a few managed IT services that are typically used by a managed service provider.

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus is a non-invasive security system that allows a managed IT service provider the capability to monitor and maintain your antivirus system. They can monitor when your computers and servers scan and when they update and they can make sure that you have all of the security updates that you need to make sure that you are as protected as you could possibly be.


  • Managed security updates
  • Managed Scans
  • Detection alerts to professional support
  • Proactive download protection
  • Active scanning and searching


With these few features they are able to see when a threat as entered your system and they will have the ability to take care of the small threat before they become big ones. Majority of threats can get on your system unseen, but with our managed antivirus your managed it service provider will have the ability to catch these malicious programs before they cause your business harm.

Managed Web Protection

Managed Web Protection is a very useful tool that can help you make sure that you are as secure as you need to be. Your managed it service provider will have the ability to track and monitor any web traffic that is going or coming from the web. Managed web protection can give your business the extra security that you need to make sure that your employees are being secure online and will help secure your companies most valuable assets, your data.


  • Whitelist and Blacklist of Websites
  • Website access tools
  • Website security checks
  • Data flow monitoring
  • Active security monitoring

With managed web protection they can be alerted when somethings seams out of the ordinary. This is another useful tool to make sure that we can be proactive in stopping any known threats before they affect your connection speeds and cause your business downtime.

Patch Management

            One of the most overlooked issues in any business without an IT staff is patch management. Some businesses will hire a company to come in once or twice a month to make sure that they have all of the updates that they need. Today, once or twice a month will not cut it. Malicious software is developed every minute to attack vulnerabilities on your network. If your server or workstation is out of date then it will leave your business vulnerable to horrible threats.

Patch management allows your managed IT service provider the capability to monitor and manage all of your updates for every workstation and every server that you have on your network. This allows them to make sure that your business is as secure as it can be for known threats.

Take Control and Remote Background

Another benefit to a Managed  IT Service’s is that it typically gives your managed IT service provider the ability to help you remotely. With Take Control they can utilize one of the most robust remote access tools on the market today and help you real-time from our desk. This process can save your business precious hours of productivity.

Along with Take Control they can utilize our remote background. Remote Background allows us to work on your computer in the background without you knowing that we are there. Remote background allows us to provide needed maintenance without having to stop your employees from being productive.

With both Take Control and Remote Background your manage it service provider can help your business save money and concentrate on making more.

There are amny other managed IT services that can be offered, but these are among the important ones. If you would like more information on Manage IT services or are looking for a manage it service provider then please contact Elkhorn Computer at 402-350-0372

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