HP Keylogger…Again

HP doesn’t have the best track record with keyloggers. You might remember reading a similar story back in May of this year.  Long story short, HP had a piece of software installed on their computers by mistake that was actually a keylogger.  To learn more about keyloggers you can read our guide to malware here.

Basically, a keylogger records the keystrokes on your computer and usually saves it to a file.  If that file were to fall into the wrong hands then someone could get a hold of everything that you typed on your computer.  That means your passwords, logins, and credit cards could all be compromised.

Obviously, this seems like an extremely bad thing to have pre-installed on brand new computers.  The incident back in May was a mistake and HP admitted as much.  However, HP is at it again and has left yet another potential security threat on new computers.

HP has stated that over 460 models of laptops are potentially affected dating back to 2012.  To see if your computer could potentially have the security flaw check out this website from HP.

This security flaw sits in the driver software for the “Synaptics touchpad”.  Luckily the keylogger is disabled by default, however someone who designs malware could potentially write a program that enables the keylogger then sends the data off to a remote site.

Luckily this problem was discovered and quickly patched up by HP. All you need to do is find the correct model for you laptop and get the proper drivers to install them.  To find your model of laptop on an HP computer all you need to do is hit the “Fn” + “Esc” key together and it will bring up the HP system information window.  It will list several pieces of important information including your Product name and number.


HP System Information Window, press the “Fn” and “Esc” keys at the same time to bring up.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing the drivers yourself or you’re running into issues, as always feel free to stop by our shop anytime. No appointment needed!  Voted best computer repair in Omaha, Elkhorn Computer has all your business and residential needs!