Folding at Elkhorn Computer with Folding at Home

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                One unique method researchers use to study diseases employs computer simulations to fold proteins and look for treatable patterns to prevent and treat major illnesses. A big drawback to these simulations is that they can take a long time and a tremendous amount of computer power to simulate protein folding.

                Distributed computing can help overcome this issue.  Using a program called Folding at Home, [email protected] for short, users can donate their computing power to run protein folding simulations for medical research.

                [email protected] uses the donated computer power to contribute to the research of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Cancer, Prion diseases, and Viruses. [email protected] also adapts to medical needs during both the Ebola outbreak and currently the COVID-19 pandemic.

                Using our resources at Elkhorn Computer, we set up extra servers to run folding simulations to contribute to [email protected]’s cause. In less than three weeks, we have already processed over 350 work units and plan to keep these servers running in order to continue contributing to this important research.

                More information about Folding at Home can be found on their Website or on the Wikipedia page.


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