Create A Strong Password

“Create a strong and memorable password”

For most people, these two things mix like oil and water.

Create a strong password: _)E*Hethl;ihTOiwqe8 …. Okay good. Now remember it…Not so good.

There are a few tricks and tips to creating strong yet memorable passwords.

Use a password manager

Password managers can be an extremely convenient tool.  Password managers can remember all of your passwords, change them with a single click, and provide several other security features.  A few top-rated password managing services are Dashlane and LastPass.

Of course, you will need to make a strong password to log into the password manager.  However, keeping track of one password versus 10+ is much more manageable.

Many of the password managers have both a free and paid version.  Obviously, to get the most out of the service you will need to pay the subscription fee.  However, for those of us that don’t want to spend money or don’t feel comfortable having our passwords managed by someone else, we need to step our password game up.

Create A Strong Password

There are some general guidelines to creating a good password. Many websites will have specific requirements you need to meet as well. Some general guidelines:

  • 10-16 Characters long (the longer the better)
  • Use symbols, numbers, and capital letters
  • Don’t use common phrase or substitutions (ex: replacing “a” with “@”)
  • Don’t use just one password for all of your log ins

Now how can we use all of these guidelines and still come up with a memorable password?  Our friends over at How-To Geek have an excellent explanation.  They suggest coming up with a sentence or two.  Such as: “We love to build & fix computers. We can each fix 8 computers at a time!” Then take the beginning of each word and turn that into a password: Wltb&fc.Wcef8caat! That password is 18 characters long, has capital and lower-case letters, symbols, numbers, and no common words or phrases.

This would be considered a strong password and should be easier to remember than a bunch of random letters, numbers, and symbols.  So come up with your own sentence or two and start making stronger passwords! While you’re doing that you should probably start backing up your data too.