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Malware – what is it?

What is Malware? Part I You’ve probably heard the term Malware before.  However, many people are confused as to what malware is exactly.  Many people will exclusively use the term virus, but that is just one type of malware. Malware is short for “Malicious software”. ...

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The Importance of Disaster Recovery

The Importance of Disaster Recovery   A lesson in Disaster Recovery - Last week yet another small business came to us with a problem we’re starting to see more of. Their server had been hit with ransomware.  It was locked down and all the files had been deleted...

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Should You Shut Down Your Computer at

Should I shut down my computer at night?   There’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself this questions before. Should I shut down my computer at night? Should I leave it on? What about putting it to sleep – I sleep so my computer should too right? Well let’s talk...

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Best of Omaha 2018!

Best of Omaha Computer Repair First Place! This year has sure flown by.  This recent cold weather has reminded us that Summer has waved goodbye, and 2017 is headed for the finish line. Some exciting news to close out the year always revolves around the Best of Omaha...

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Six Easy Steps to Make Technology Work For You

Six Easy Steps to Make Technology Work For You It’s almost a full-time job to keep up with all the new tech innovations released every day. Cloud computing, 8th Generation processors, servers, network security, viruses, ransomware, routers, firewalls…so many topics,...

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WPA2 Hacked…What to do now!

Unfortunately the bad guy is trying to win again. Now they have been able to hack the WPA2 security on you wireless router or access point. What was once known as one of the most secure wireless settings for your home or business WiFi is now under attack. You can find...

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