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WPA2 Hacked…What to do now!

Unfortunately the bad guy is trying to win again. Now they have been able to hack the WPA2 security on you wireless router or access point. What was once known as one of the most secure wireless settings for your home or business WiFi is now under attack. You can find...

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This week in Malware

This week in Malware Sonic Breach So much malware, so little time.  It feels like every week there is a news story on yet another large corporation informing us of a data breach. Well this week we add Sonic, America’s drive-in, to the list.  The breach was just...

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Your passwords are probably weak

Create A Strong Password “Create a strong and memorable password” For most people, these two things mix like oil and water. Create a strong password: _)E*Hethl;ihTOiwqe8 …. Okay good. Now remember it…Not so good. There are a few tricks and tips to creating strong yet...

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Kaspersky: US Government Bans the Use of it

Kaspersky: US Government Bans the Use of it The Department of Homeland Security has officially banned the use of Kaspersky security software on PC’s owned by the government. The ban comes after recent accusations that the cyber security company has secret ties to the...

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Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling! Everyone has some old computers or electronics collecting dust in a dark corner somewhere.  Most people hang on to old electronics because they don’t know what to do with them. Well, good news! Elkhorn Computer is your go-to full service computer...

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