The Benefits of IT Remote Support

it remote support

As we discussed in our last blog, managed services can help businesses of all sizes focus on what they specialize in while leaving their IT needs to the professionals. Managed services can incorporate anything from infrastructure and networking to security and compliance to disaster recovery. A complete managed IT plan encompasses all IT services and […]

What Are Managed IT Services?

managed it services

How do you run your company’s IT department? If you’re like many business owners, you have one or two people in the office who are in charge of keeping your IT up and running. When something happens that they can’t handle—such as your network going down or a virus—you call in a professional who comes […]

Using Email Filtering to Defend Against Malware

Email Filtering

The world of malware changes on a constant basis. What was safe just a few months or weeks ago can now be dangerous, and it’s difficult for business owners and their teams to keep up. With just the click of a mouse, malware can infiltrate your system, damaging your hardware, stealing data, or disabling your […]

The Most Vulnerable Information System – People

Most Vulnerable Information System

Why You Need Security Awareness Training No matter how robust your IT security systems and anti-virus software are, your company can still be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Why? The answer is simple: people. Even though you may think your team is too smart to be fooled by scams or other attack methods, the truth of the […]

How to Handle a Data Breach

Data Breach

Security incidents such as data breaches, malware attacks, and denial-of-service attacks are extremely common. Recent statistics state that 45% of small businesses experience between one and four security incidents a year. Many think that attackers only focus on large businesses and leave smaller ones alone because they don’t have as many assets to target. The […]

Program and App Security: What Can You Trust?

software security

Most of us use programs and apps on a daily basis. Programs are another name for computer software you use to achieve certain tasks while apps (short for applications) have the exact same meaning but they apply to programs on your smartphone or device. Programs and apps are everywhere—and it can be very difficult to […]

Email and Phishing Scams: What You Need to Know

Email and phishing scams are certainly nothing new. However, they seem to be on the rise lately and getting more diverse and sophisticated. There has also been a specific malware campaign targeting US-based organizations that’s been identified, which you can read more about here. Staying safe from these types of scams requires vigilance, common sense, […]