Managed Antivirus and Monitoring

Managed Antivirus and Monitoring

Are you tired of your antivirus? Are you unsure about the best way to protect your computer?

With our Managed Antivirus solution you will not have to worry about your computers protection anymore, we will do it for you.

Managed Antivirus provided by Elkhorn computer service is the highest level of security that you can ask for. Not only was this application designed for businesses protection, but we get to monitor it to make sure that its doing its job.

We will be able to monitor the antivirus program to make sure that it is updating when it needs to. Also, if there is a problem with viruses or malicious software, we get notifications so we can try to stop it before it gets too bad.

Also included with our Managed Antivirus protection plan is our ability to remotely access your computer with your permission. This will benefit you when you have an issue and don’t have the time to bring your computer to our shop.

Allow us to keep your computer protected and sign up for our Managed Services today!