Computer Sales

Computer Sales

At Elkhorn Computer we have the knowledge and experience to find a computer that is going to fit your needs. We are your elite computer store in Omaha.

We are a Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba re-seller carrying Dell laptops and Desktops readily in stock.

Oh ya, and don't forget that we build the best custom computers in Omaha.

Elkhorn Computer ESCentialsWe carry our  ESCentials line of custom computers that are built for your standard home user, providing you with the better quality hardware that will get you the performance you want and the longevity you hope for.


We hand picked the parts and we put them together right here in Omaha Nebraska. Also, starting at just $499 we are able to customize it to fit your computing needs!



Custom ComputersIf you are looking for something that has a little more power and looks good too then you need to hop into our Performance Line of custom computers.

Our performance line is made up of the best of the best to allow you to get the performance you need. Whether you are working with applications from work or home, or if you are an extreme gamer, we can build you a custom computer that will blow your mind with performance and class.

Allow us to rock your world and order one of our performance custom computers.


Shop for the custom computer that's right for you at our new online Shop! Just Click HERE!