Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We want to make sure that you can keep your business going!

We have been in business since 2004 and have been working with small and medium sized businesses ever since. We have seen the good the bad and the ugly! We know that the best way to manage your IT is to actually manage it.

Our Managed IT Services gives us the robust features that any business would want to help keep their systems going. Its our obligation to try to keep your computers on so you and your staff can be more productive to help increase your bottom line. We started off as a small business in a garage and know how important it is to have your computer when you need it. You deserve the best so this is why we use the best products and have the best staff to keep everything going for you.

Our main goal is to make sure that your company is not hindered by technology and rather that you have the ability to embrace it. We also want you to stop worrying about your computers, or your network, or your backups. Let us worry about everything for you so you so you can concentrate your effort on growing your business and making your clients happy.

The Managed IT Services that we offer include:

  • Managed Antivirus Software
  • Managed Software Patching
  • Managed Firewall Security
  • Managed Server and Workstation Data Backup
  • Managed Server and Workstation Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Offsite Data Replication
  • Managed Preventative Maintenance
  • Managed VPN Connectivity
  • Managed Email Filtering
  • Managed Email Continuity
  • Priority Support
  • Peace of Mind!

We offer free consultations for new businesses. We would be happy to come talk to you to see how we can help your business and see if we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.