Join Our Team

Elkhorn Computer is always looking for a talented individual who can bring value to our company and help our business grow. We work in an open environment where you thoughts and your ideas are welcome. We also think it is important to help you grow with us, so we offer our employees opportunities to improve their skills with certifications and continued education.

Account Managers

Account managers need the knowledge to support any business and their IT infrastructure. The account manager will be the highest tier for IT support, but will have to manage multiple companies at a time. The account manager will also conduct a team of very talented computer engineers to make sure that every client is getting the support that they need.

Commercial Engineers

The commercial engineers will be working with a small group of very talented and knowledgeable technicians to support a set of clients. As the second tier computer technician, the commercial engineer will be in direct contact with the help desk and help solve any issue that they cannot answer. The commercial engineers will be able to consult with the account manager for any advice or help along the way.

Help Desk Engineer

Help desk engineers will have the opportunity to communicate with all of Elkhorn Computers commercial clients. As the voice for the company this individual needs to be able to communicate with commercial clients and try to assist them with any issues that pop up.

Residential Technician

If you love helping your family and friend with their computer problems then this is the position for you. You will be able to communicate and interact with our residential clients as if they are your own family. We do have opportunities for each individual to be a shop manager and there are opportunities for onsite support jobs as well.